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We provide a variety of automation services, but here’s one we haven’t told you about yet. Find out why businesses need marketing automation in a guest post written by Waypost Marketing, an inbound marketing agency based in Greenville, South Carolina.

Marketing_Automation_-_Waypost_Marketing.jpgToday, many businesses are embracing a recent popular innovation that is going viral in the tech industry – automation. Let’s face it, it’s the dream of any CEO to go on a week-long vacation with no worry that the workplace will go from order to chaos in their absence.

It all comes down to one thing; if your business is dependent on a single person and cannot function without them, you might return from vacation to find a team that is unable to priortize or cooperate without constant direction.

Business operations is not the only area that is in dire need of automation. Marketing automation has recently become the biggest IT trend, with both marketing companies and businesses switching to all-in-one automation software that handles the daily flow of your marketing communications without you physically being at the office.

Needless to say, automation is the future of business and marketing, but it has been around for a couple of decades. The first automation attempts were made in 1980s, however, in the last decade, we’ve seen individual websites and social media networks introduce automation of their own. The need for fast-paced and smooth operations and less human involvement resulted in the creation of single-channel automation tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Mailchimp (to name just a few). These tools help marketers to schedule, repeat and analyze campaigns on social media, email, and other channels.

As businesses increase investments into marketing and customer service, all-in-one marketing automation solutions take over the market. And that’s what we’re cheering for!

Why does your business need all-in-one marketing automation?

Among the dozens of benefits and advantages automation adds, here are the top reasons why your business needs this IT solution.

1. Timing – If the response rate of your competitors is quicker than yours, your slow reaction actually costs you customers real-time. Automation ensures that most predictable responses, frequently asked questions, and content publishing happens at the right time. Newly-converted leads don’t have to wait long for a personalized Thank You note, and while it may seem like a tiny detail to you, a heart-warming “Welcome!” is usually the foundation stone for trust-building.

2. Efficient use of human resources – Automation takes over most of the repetitive tasks, like lead nurturing email campaigns, keeping track of content calendars, updating the lead list, following up with their activity, and so on. By utilizing the IT solution of automation, you’re giving your staff the time and opportunity to dive into creativity and the strategy of the project. This makes the jobs of your employees much more rewarding and interesting, which can be a trigger for further growth and motivation.

3. CRM – An all-in-one marketing automation software ensures your marketing and sales processes are aligned. Leads that the marketing department produces are never lost in the spreadsheets, documents, or a separate tool only the marketing team has access to. In fact, the process of a visitor turning into a lead is automated as well.

4. Data availability – As automation is adopted by many companies and corporations, data continues to acquire a whole new level of importance. Now, an all-in-one software serves you insights collected from different channels, so that you can assess the results and most efficient channels for future investment. More importantly, this data is available for your entire team; marketers (who nurture the leads and prepare them for the next conversion phase) and salespeople (who’s on the call with a lead at this very moment, hopefully talking about points that the lead has actually expressed interested in by browsing specific pages on your website).

5. Consistency – Inbound marketing, which is the most effective solution for companies operating in the B2B sector or providing industrial and professional services, is a long-term commitment and requires consistency. Marketing automation software provides that consistency without any late deadlines and unwanted incidents. It keeps your marketing efforts going, when you’re busy analyzing the insights or planning your next campaign.

6. Segmentation – With all your leads and data securely stored on a single platform, segmentation becomes an easy essential. Instead of having different teams take care of their “art and craft,” businesses that have multiple targets can conduct a better segmentation strategy and make it consistent for the entire company.

Finally, it’s probably fair to mention that we’re speaking from our own experience. As a Hubspot-certified partner agency, we have automated a big part of day-to-day and long-term marketing activities. After adopting this strategy less than 16 months ago, we have noticed considerable growth within our operations and those of our clients. Most importantly, everyone speaks the same language of growth.

Interested in finding out how marketing automation can be integrated into your business operations? Contact us below to chat about the possibilities your brand has.

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Published on 31st May 2016 by James Berger.