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Why Bay Area Computer Solutions Should Be Your Microsoft Office 365 Guru

Although many businesses run Microsoft Office 365 on their computer networks, how many of them truly understand how to leverage its tools and features in full and get the best ROI possible? We ask this important question because although many business owners and network admins have deployed it on their IT networks, it seems too few have fully leveraged all its features and advantages. That’s why we offer Bay Area Computer Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 designed specifically for small businesses in the Bay Area.

If you aren’t currently getting these 10 main benefits from your Microsoft Office 365 platform, you should take a closer look:

  1. Whole Integration with Familiar Tools.

Office 365 works seamlessly with the programs you’re already familiar with, including Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher, and PowerPoint – which provide the same great features and powerful capabilities you rely on in Office 365. With multiple subscription levels in Microsoft Office 365, you can:

  • See if others are editing the document you’re using
  • Synchronize documents with your desktop
  • Broadcast PowerPoint presentations, and
  • Check documents in and out of your online document library.
  1. It’s Accessible Nearly Anywhere.

Microsoft® Office 365 provides Bay Area computer solutions for small businesses with web-enabled access to email, critical documents, contacts and calendar on almost any device—including PCs, Macintosh computers, iPhones, Android phones, and BlackBerry smartphones. It frees you to work where and when you choose, letting you respond to important requests right away, from virtually any location.

With the ability to access email and documents from your mobile device, you don’t need to run to the office or look for a WIFI hot spot. And if you’re traveling without access to Microsoft Office, Office 365 helps you view and edit documents from the most popular web browsers on PCs and Mac computers. With Office 365, you can also take control of when and where you work.

  1. Easy Communication and Collaboration.

With Office 365, you can create a password-protected portal to share large, hard-to-email files both inside and outside of your San Francisco organization, giving you a single location to find the latest versions of files or documents, no matter how many people are working on them. Show your polished, professional side by sending instant messages to colleagues and customers and inviting them to participate in online meetings where you can review documents or take control of a desktop.

  1. Simplicity of Use.

Office 365 is easy to try, simple to learn, and straightforward to use. You don’t need to learn new software, install complicated systems, or learn new jargon. In just a few minutes, you can create a trial account and see how easily your business can be in the cloud with benefits usually found only in larger organizations.

  1. Collaboration, Email, Online Meetings, etc.

Microsoft’s experience in delivering scalable, secure online solutions for San Francisco Bay Area companies is something all companies can cash in on. Enhance your Office 365 experience with features like a 50-gigabyte (GB) mailbox that accommodates attachments up to 25 megabytes (MB), calendaring, contacts, online meetings, instant messaging, document collaboration and more. With Office 365, you can take advantage of these easy-to-use solutions and advanced features at a small-business price.

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Also, check out our YouTube Video on Office 365!

  1. Safety and Security First.

Security is a high priority at Microsoft data centers, as it is with Bay Area Computer Solutions Consulting Group. With Office 365, you can use the same systems used by Microsoft and other enterprises worldwide to help protect email, documents, and networks. These systems scan your messages and documents for spam and malicious software (aka malware) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Microsoft data centers help safeguard your data and are certified to meet multiple industry-standard certifications.

  1. Quick Set-Up, Easy Accessibility.

Office 365 administration is designed for organizations without IT staff, so you can easily set up and use the features, helping you focus on your business rather than on learning menus and technical jargon. You can also perform administrative tasks using an intuitive, web-based portal that is accessible only to people whom you designate. The online portal provides step-by-step instructions on how to add users and set up your account so your employees can start using Office 365 right away.

  1. The 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.

Office 365 helps safeguard your critical data with geo-redundant, enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery with multiple datacenters and automatic failovers and a strict privacy policy. As such, Office 365 is designed to deliver reliability, availability, and performance with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially-backed service level agreement (SLA).

  1. More Business Flexibility.

With Office 365, you get pay-as-you-go pricing options that give you predictability and flexibility for your San Francisco Bay Area business. Office 365 also offers great flexibility by allowing you to easily provide your users with only the services they need in a scalable fashion, cost-effectively adding value to your business.

  1. You’ll Look More Professional.

Using highly-touted and corporate-friendly services like Office 365 tells potential customers that you’re serious about business. With these state-of-the-art but easy-to-use collaboration, mail, and messaging services, you’ll set yourself apart from organizations that use free or ad-supported services. A custom domain name further enhances your branding, and Office 365 design tools can easily create a professional, public-facing website in minutes.

Let Our Bay Area Office 365 Experts Guide You!

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Published on 24th August 2017 by James Berger.